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Finding the Joy in Simple Things: Kourosh’s Story

Kourosh is from Marshall, MN and has been a professor at Southwest Minnesota State University for 23 years. Upon moving to Minnesota, he noticed that his breathing/nasal congestion was getting worse.  He hadn’t experienced this before as he previously lived in southern states.

Kourosh began doctoring for his nasal and breathing issues after 5 years of dry Minnesota winters.  He had two surgeries to remove polyps and to clear his nasal passages. After his first surgery, he started noticing his sense of smell was worsening. The second surgery didn’t help and he completely lost his sense of smell after that.

He continued to live with this for a while. Breathing through his nose was difficult especially at night and not being able to smell and enjoy foods were daily struggles for Kourosh for nearly 10 years.  Last winter, it got worse.  Kourosh couldn’t sleep and it was affecting his day-to-day life.

He decided it was time to go in again and see what could be done and was assigned to Dr. Janning.  Kourosh went to his first appointment and really appreciated how much Dr. Janning listened to him.”  After some testing and review, it was determined that three procedures during one surgery would need to be done to help Kourosh.  

Kourosh wanted to know if he would get his sense of smell back with these procedures, along with improvement in nasal breathing.  Even though Dr. Janning couldn’t promise it would, Kourosh was happy to give it a try.  

Kourosh had the surgery and about a week after, Kourosh was putting on some cologne and he suddenly realized that he could smell it… even through his mask! Kourosh couldn’t wait to tell Dr. Janning, “I just had to call right away.  I had to let him know and couldn’t wait!” 

Not only did Kourosh get his sense of smell back but he was sleeping better, wasn’t snoring as much and could breathe easier through his nose.  It really changed his life. Kourosh loves that he can smell flowers again, enjoy cooking more and trying different foods.  “You don’t realize what you have until you loose it.”  

If someone with a similar story to Kourosh is wondering what to do next, his advice, “…find a doctor that completely understands what is going on and will listen to you.”  Kourosh found that with the Janning ENT team.  He was very satisfied with his experience.  The team is great and Dr. Janning is a great surgeon.

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