Janning ENT Center’s audiology department understands the difficulties faced for individuals with hearing loss. The hardest step is taking the first step.
Scheduling an appointment for a comprehensive hearing examination not only determines your level of hearing, it is good for your overall health. Hearing loss is shown to be associated with loneliness, depression, and a decrease in quality of life. After your hearing exam, recommendations will be made to help.
You may need wax removed, medical intervention due to fluid build-up, communication strategy counseling, or hearing instruments.

audiology services in Willmar, MNAt Janning Hearing Center, Dr. Benjaminson will go over amplification options to treat your hearing loss and/or tinnitus. We know that deciding to take the leap into devices in a hard decision. We are here for you along the way to make the process easy, fun, and relaxed.

Services Provided:

  • Hearing evaluations
  • Middle ear pressure tests
  • Dispensing of hearing devices
  • Counseling on hearing loss and hearing aids
  • Use and care of hearing instruments
  • In office and manufacturer reparis
  • Custom hearing protection, sleep and swim plugs
  • Batteries, hearing aid supplies, and hearing aid accessories

Are you experiencing a hearing loss or change in hearing?

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