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At Janning ENT Center, our team of experts diagnose ear, nose, throat and sleep disorders and work with you to create a treatment plan specific to your situation.

Janning ENT is Proud to Welcome

Dr. Jonathan Mellema, MD

Please help us in welcoming Dr. Jonathan Mellema to Janning ENT Center! Dr. Mellema brings years of surgical experience in various patient situations, having practiced in rural settings. He specializes in providing expert and compassionate care for patients of all backgrounds and ages from pediatric to geriatric. Dr. Mellema is now accepting appointments and is excited to help residents of Willmar and the surrounding areas feel better quickly.


Our mission is to provide everyone with accurate, in depth, and comprehensive care related to ear, nose, throat, neck and sleep disorders. At Janning ENT Center, we strive to stay current in medical treatments, procedures and technologies. We value each patient. We are dedicated to providing expert advice confidently, timely, and with individualized attention. We stimulate an atmosphere of closeness, enthusiasm, and appreciation for our staff. We respect all individuals. Janning ENT Center was created from a driven mind, with patient care at the forefront. Dr. Martin Janning envisioned a company that was built on family values and independent voices.


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The Best Part of My Job

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How to Get My Husband to Get Seen For His Sleep Problem

"Excellent experience with Dr. Janning. Staff is courteous and friendly. Dr. Janning is very professional and knowledgeable. He took time to explain everything and was very helpful with several solutions for my problem. I felt much better after my appointment with him."

Betsy C.

“Amazing team, great doctor and the best part is they made my daughter relax. So easy to get in and see them, not months of wait time taking my family all there when needed. This was our first experience, and it was amazing. Can't say enough good things.”

Chandie K.

"Great experience with the team from the sleep study through diagnosis and treatment/therapy for OSA. It has been life changing!"

Tim E.

"Exceptional care from the moment we walked in the door until the moment we left. Very thorough, smooth-flowing pre and post op! We felt like we got all our questions answered and the whole surgical team came to see us pre and post op, yet we’re in and out the door in one hour!"

Katie B.